Why did you decide for this particular field of social work?

Everyone has some preferences. Someone likes vanilla ice cream, while someone else prefers strawberry sorbet. It is the same with people. Some of us like to work with children, while some of us prefer to work with alcoholics. Some guys with special motivation even choose drug addicts, or homeless for their target group.

We will try to find out why you are interested in the particular field of social work. In a good answer, you should mention that you feel close to the target group, or that you like the nature of the job. Alternatively you can point to personal experience with the target group.

Anyway, doesn’t matter what group of people you speak about, you should always speak with love and compassion. Your tone of voice reflects your feelings for the people.

Sample answers for different fields of social work

I want to work with the orphans, as I believe children need role models in their life. What is more, nearly all addictions have roots in childhood. I believe that I can change a lot in the world working with orphans, and that is why I chose this field.

I was homeless myself four years ago, when I got into serious financial problems and had to sleep in my car. It was the most difficult period of my life. I tried it on my own skin, so I know how people feel when they do not have a place to live, what they think, and most importantly what they need. That is why I applied for a job with your NGO.

Our population is getting older each year. I believe there is nothing worse than solitude, especially when one is old and struggles with health issues. I want to help the old people to find new challenges, and purpose in their life, and I believe I am good in communication with them.

I am not a practical person. I would love to go out to help, but my social skills are not good enough for doing that. However, the inner calling is strong, and I want to help the weak. I believe that my place is in social research.

There is a good answer for every field. Do not be afraid to show emotions, to talk about your past, and personal reasons. It can only help you in social work interview.

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