Interview Attire – What to Wear?

Job interview is a business meeting, and you should put on something nice, clean, and decent. But should we adjust our attire to the particular interview? Does it matter whether you try to get a managerial position, an IT role, or a job of a social worker. I believe it makes a difference.

Clothes reflect who we are, and ideal candidate for a job of a social worker has a different personality than an ideal applicant for a job of a manager, or a programmer.

Therefor I’d suggest business casual, or even casual attire. Your clothes should reflect humility, good heart, and that you are a person who does not seek recognition, or special attention.

What to wear?

Woman is dressed in nice attire, simple blouse and skirt, she is showing some positive emotions with her gestureI would suggest simple trousers and blouse for women. Long skirt is also acceptable. For men, jeans or simple pants and shirt is a perfect combination. If you do not apply for a managerial position in social sector, I would not recommend wearing a tie, or a jacket.

You should also leave your piercing at home, as well as any accessories, such as necklaces, rings, laces, and so on. However, a cross (or other symbol) representing your religion is acceptable, and even welcome, especially when you apply for a job in a non-profit sphere, that is somehow connected to your religion.


While it is naive to believe that good attire (or physical beauty) can win you a social worker job contract, it is also foolish to think that wrongly chosen attire can not ruin your chances of succeeding.

Your clothes should reflect your humble personality, and your goal to get close to the target groups of social work.