Are you ready to make home visits?

You may have to work overtime, on Sundays, and they may even ask you to visit clients at their homes. Your exact duties depend on the nature of your job, but in direct social work practice you will nearly always have to do something extraordinary for the clients.

Many social workers are actually on a duty 24/7, for example nursing assistants who live on site with their clients (two weeks on, two weeks off). Whatever your duty will be, you should try to convince us that you are ready for that, and that you are willing to sacrifice something for your work.

Answer in the question

Sometimes you can find good answer directly in the question.  If we ask if you are willing to make home visits, if you are prepared to work overtime, if you are ready to travel a lot, the right answer is that you are.

If there was no need to make home visits, or to work overtime, we would not inquire about that in your job interview. However, I suggest you to use longer answers, elaborating on your ability to do what is expected from you in job. Let’s have a look at sample answers.

I am ready to make home visits. I understand the importance of getting close to the client. I have experience with home visits from the past. What is more, I have a car, so I can definitely make home visits.

It is not a problem for me to work overtime. I understand that one can not choose the end of their shift every day, if we speak about this particular job field. We have to sacrifice something for the good of the others, and sometimes it is our free time that we sacrifice.

Tell them that you are ready, and back it up with your experience with similar situations.

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