What do you want to accomplish in your job?

You should always have a goal, and you should know why you decided for social work. Why do you want this job? Why did you decide for social work? What do you want to accomplish in your job?

We need to see that you do not apply just because you have graduated from the field, or because you need money to live.

 Show the interviewing panel your good intentions, show us that you believe in a vital role social work has in human society. You want to help, you want to make difference in the life of a target group–that is what you want to accomplish, or at least you should try to convince us about that–even if you work only for money…. Find sample answers below.

Sample answers

The young generation faces many challenges right now. Children can not find their place in life, and the high divorce rate does not help the fact. I want to improve this situation, at least in my city. I want to help children to find right direction in their lives, to live better. That is what I want to accomplish in my job.

I do not dream about big things. All I want to do is helping people who were not lucky in life, not as lucky as I have been. I want to do this on a daily basis, and I chose social work for my studies to follow this goal. Now I hope I can get a job in the field.

I hope to throw some light into current problems of modern society. I want to find out why so many people feel sad and unhappy in their daily lives. I hope to thrive in the field of social research, helping practical social workers in their jobs with my research.

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