What is your opinion about young generation?

In most cases, social work is connected to a particular demographic group of people. You may work with orphans, problematic youngsters, old people, homeless people, immigrants… There are numerous social groups that definitely need our help.

Interviewers may give you several questions regarding the group your future job should be dedicated to. Doing so, they try to see your attitudes and opinions, whether you have understanding for the target group, and they try to assess your readiness for the job.


Social work with old woman, she's positive and happyBe positive, show compassion

Try to stay positive in your answer. Talk nicely about people, about the options to help, about your own job and role in their life.

One can hardly do this job well, if they do not believe they can do it well, or if they do not have respect for people they work with.

In most of the interviews, I would not recommend being emotional. But in social work , it is all right to show some compassion and feelings for the others, especially those you should work with.


Sample answers

I love to be around young people. I feel like I belong to them. On the other hand, they face a lot of problems and they struggle to find the right path in their life. Broken families and lack of funds just add to the issue. That is the reason why I chose this field of social work, as I believe the future is in the hands of young people, and that I can make a difference with my daily job. If not a difference in the world, than at least in their lives.

Young people represent the most vulnerable demographic group. I really feel for them, especially for orphans, as there is often nobody to show them what is good and wrong, and as soon as they start to follow the guidance of the media, or follow the example of their peers, they often lose their way and struggle for the rest of their lives. I hope to help to change this trend, with my everyday work.


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