What Do You Consider to Be Your Strengths and Weaknesses as a Social Worker?


Social worker working with poor familyOne ability can represent a strength for one job and a weakness for another position. You should understand what the right strengths and the biggest weaknesses for this job are. Once you understand it, you can prepare your answer to this question.


Strengths of social workers

Many abilities characterize a good employee in this field. Look at the list below:

  • Good communication skills
  • Understanding for the problems and needs of the others
  • Ability to solve conflict situations
  • Passion for work
  • Creative personality
  • No fear
  • High level of responsibility
  • Detail oriented personality
  • Good listening skills

All of these are good, but for some fields of social work some strengths are more important than the others. You should think about it yourself and pick one or two to talk about in an interview.

Weaknesses of social worker

What isn’t your strength, doesn’t have to be a weakness for social work. While some of us have excellent communication skills, many of us are average in communication. But it is still enough for a job in social sphere. But if your communication skills, or your level of responsibility, are bad, you should never mention it in your answer. It’s just too important… You should ratherĀ  choose a weakness that is not so important, or one that can be considered as a strength by the interviewers. To such weaknesses belong:

  • Being over-friendly to clients
  • Being impatient sometimes
  • Being too punctual
  • Having your own opinion always
  • Not being able to take decision independently


Show your efforts to improve

Every job candidate has some weaknesses. There does not exist something like an ideal applicant for a job… We all have our weak spots. However, the difference between average and exceptional people is an effort to improve on their weaknesses. If you honestly describe your weaknesses and explain the recruiters your efforts to improve on it, it will be the best possible answer. Let me show you an example:

Sometimes I am over-friendly to clients. I know it is risky in this job. However, I make personal reports of my work, try to analyze my demeanor and improve on it over time, to avoid misunderstanding of my behavior.

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