Are You Prepared to Make Home Visits?


Social worker Visits a child from problematic familyThere are a lot of expectations on a social worker. You may need to work overtime, on Sundays, or even make home visits. Of course, this depends on the nature of your job, but it is almost necessary to do it in direct social practice.

Some social workers are on duty 24/7, e.g nurses who live with the clients. This is something many people can not even imagine… However, you should declare that fulfilling your goal as a social worker is the first priority and that you are ready to sacrifice something for achieving it…

If they ask you “are you prepared”, say YES

Some job interview questions are not as difficult as it seems. Sometimes you can find answers directly in the questions.  If the recruiter asks if you are willing to make home visits, if you are prepared to work overtime, if you are prepared to travel a lot, it’s obvious what the right answer is… It is YES. If there was no need to make home visits or to work overtime, he would not inquire about it.

However, to answer it in a simple way, for example “Yes, I am prepared to do it”, is not a best choice. If you did it, interviewer could easily get an impression that you answered like that just because you knew what he wanted to hear from you. You should use longer answers, to backup your intentions. Let me show you how to do it:

I am prepared to make home visits. I understand the importance of getting closer to the client. I have experience with it from the past and have no problem with it. What more, I have a car, so I can definitely make home visits.

It is not a problem for me to work overtime. To fulfill the purpose of my job is the most important thing. I understand that one can not choose the end of the shift all the time… We all need to sacrifice something for the good of the others.


That’s it! Tell them that you are ready, that you are willing to do what they expect from you. What more, back it up with your experience with similar duties from the past. Interviewers will be very satisfied with your answer.

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