If a Client Did not Understand Even a Simple Language You Use, What Would You Do?


Social work with old womanThis question is used mostly when we interview people applying for social positions with old people, young children, or patients suffering from mental illnesses.

It is a technical question about a difficult situation you can face while performing your daily job. You can expect several questions of this type in an interview, mostly related to the particular job you want to have. Sometimes they can even put you under direct test, bringing a client in a room, or playing one. This is actually one of the best assessments of your readiness to do the job.

There is always a way to communicate

First of all, as a good social worker you need to be patient. You should not get distracted by it. You should stay calm and try to find an alternative way of communication.

One way to communicate is to go by an example. If you want your client to do something, but he does not understand it, demonstrate it. Show him what you expect him to do. Do it and he may repeat it.

To use pictures, gestures, and other forms of transferring your message is also something to mention. However, the most important part of your answer is the one when you mention that you would stay calm and communicate your message until the client finally understands it


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