How Would You Get Closer to Our Target Group?


hand in hand getting closerSocial work is not something one can do effectively, while keeping distance. As a good candidate for the job, you should always try to get as close to the people as possible. Close to their bodies, close to their hearts, close to their problems… This is the only way how to do this job well, and you should know it and be able to explain how you plan to do it.


Get rid of your fear

First of all, you should mention that you understand the importance of getting close to the target group. Doesn’t matter if you work with orphans, drug addicts, epileptics ,or seniors, you should say that you are not afraid to come to the people, and to spend quality time with them.

In order to understand their problems better, to see the pain in their hearts, you should say that you would like to communicate with them on a very personal level, spending time together, doing your best to build good relationship with the clients.

Be as they are

The problem of many social workers is that they stand out from the crowd too much… If you come among poor children wearing a business suit, you will hardly get close to their hearts. You may get an attention, but that isn’t really what you seek as a social worker. They will not respect you, they will feel a distance. It is like inviting a homeless man to your beautiful office, just to take a questionnaire…

In order to understand your target group, you need to integrate into it, you need to be with them, live with them. That’s the only way how to get close, and how to truly understand them.

Sample answers

I would go into their habitat, I would try to understand their language, think on the same wavelength as they do. I wouldn’t try to present myself as someone clever, but rather act as one of them, wear things they wear and speak the way they do. That is how I would try to get close to them.

I would be a good listener at the first place. I would not come among them to give advice, or to persuade them to do anything. I would just listen to their needs, to their problems, offer a helping hand, and a shoulder they can cry on. Doing this, I believe I can get close to them and build good base for further social work.

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